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When I was a kid, I was very close with my great-grandmother. She lived on farmland that was essentially crops-only for as far back as I can remember. By the time I was old enough to know what was up, all the animals were gone except for a coop of chickens and peacocks. Yes….peacocks. My great-grandmother had about half a dozen peacocks hanging out in this coop, bouncing around in the rafters, who by default were best friends with their pals the chickens. This totally fascinated me, because let’s be real, who has peacocks on their farm in Nebraska!?! Well regardless, my sister and I grew up playing on her farmland, exploring, running around getting stung be bees, chased by raccoons, playing with barn cats, and timidly checking out these peacocks from time to time. We had an abundance of beautiful peacock feathers at all times, which also got played with. That is, if by “played with” you mean swatting each other in the face or whipping each other with them (Fresh off the bird, those things are about 3-4 feet long at least!).

My love for peacocks still exists, although I don’t want to play with them, chase them, or own one at any point anymore. It took me a long time to figure out as a kid, IF YOU STOP RUSHING AT THEM the poor birds are actually quite nice and tame if used to being around people. They’re beautiful animals though, and I love when I find peacock pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe, like this necklace I found at a vintage store in Omaha many years ago. I haven’t busted it out in a while, and in honor of the weather cooling back down a touch this weekend, I thought I’d post this outfit from an equally cool day a while back that hasn’t made it to the blog yet. A soft skater skirt and simple sweater and scarf keep me warm, and the printed tights and peacock pendant add for a touch of visual interest.

Boots: London Rebel, via ASOS (similar here and here)
Tights: Nordstrom (similar from Target!)
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: F21
Scarf: H&M (similar on Etsy!)
Necklace: Vintage, thrifted (similar)

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Sunday Brunch.

My boyfriend and I are really obsessed with this brunch place, Overland Café, over in my Culver City neighborhood. In fact, we frequent this place several times a month for both brunch AND their awesome dinner menu. I’m not much of a day drinker, it knocks me out too much, but it’s pretty hard to pass up their $6.99 bottomless champagne/mimosa brunch special. In fact, it’s pretty hard for everyone else in the neighborhood to pass it up too apparently, as every weekend the place is PACKED. Their food is amazing and I always walk/waddle away stuffed, so it’s pretty much a necessity to wear something that hides the food baby bump! Enter: my eat-a-lot skirt. Layer it up with some cozy boot socks and a faux fur vest and I’ve got just enough warmth balancing the cool sunshine.

Skirt: F21 (super old)
Tank: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Urban Outfitters (I removed the buttons)
Boots: Steve Madden
Vest: Ann Taylor (gifted)

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‘Braska Life.


(Photos by my lovely sister, Erin.)

Being home for Christmas was awesome, and the weather was completely up and down while I was back, but that’s what you get in Nebraska. A forecast literally doesn’t mean crap. The first portion of my trip was pretty cold, but the second half started to drastically warm up. So much so, that at about 43 degrees, the little neighbor boys decided to play basketball in their driveway in shorts and t-shirts. Ummm…that may be a bit of an over-compensation, kids. Put some clothes on. It’s still December in the Midwest.

This outfit combines a few of my amazing gifts received this year! I couldn’t wait to pair this new bag (from my mom), and pumps (from my sister), with these ultra-comfy stretch coated skinnies. Coated skinnies are the greatest thing since sliced bread this past year, and I can’t even have bread so that’s saying a lot. They are more affordable and manageable than leather pants, but still have that sleek, edgy look. The best way to do anything whether it be actual leather or a coated finish is skin tight. Trust me, nothing is worse than a leather-look pant that is sagging in the butt and knees and loose at the ankles. They should essentially be like a legging, but with a normal pant/jean-style thickness, seaming, and pocket structure. That said, you should typically size down as long as the stretch factor is decent. It will seem like there is no way you are gonna get them up at first, but that’s what you want because they will always stretch like mad after the first wear. Tip: do NOT put on leather or coated pants of any kind after just moisturizing your legs. I may or may not have learned my lesson yanking them on too soon post-shower and ripping some belt loops clean off. FAIL.

To stay cozy, I added warmth with a super-soft oversized sweater that is definitely my most over-worn piece of this winter by far, and an awesome sweater headwrap to keep my little ears warm in that winter wind! For the cherry on top, I added the totally rad Nebraska outline necklace my awesome sister got me, reppin’ a little of the homeland! I wore this running some errands, meeting a friend for coffee, and transitioned it right into dinner and a night out with friends in downtown Lincoln.

Coated Skinnies: Cotton On
Sweater: H&M
Bag: DSW (Gifted)
Pumps: Jessica Simpson (Gifted — Now on Clearance!)
Headwrap: Aldo (Gifted)
Nebraska Necklace: (Gifted)
Ring: Zara

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Small Town Christmas.

Sister love on Christmas. (Photos by Jenna Spurlin)

My dad’s family is from a very small town in Nebraska, just over 7,000 people. I look forward to spending a day here every year for Christmas. This year, it was especially important to be here, and celebrating with my grandmother, as it marks almost a year since my grandfather passed unexpectedly. It’s been a hard year for us as a family, and having that at-home feeling at my grandma’s house was pretty important for everyone. I love my grandma’s cute home, and her small town floods me with memories from my childhood with every visit. This year, we were blessed to have one of my good friends, Jenna, join us for the big family celebration, and she fit right in with the sarcasm and off-color jokes my dad’s side of the family is known for.

With the formality of Christmas Eve gone the night before, Christmas day is a little more about over-eating, games, opening gifts, and relaxing with the family. In keeping with this comfortable tone, I chose to dress comfortably as well. I always try to look a little nicer for a holiday, because that’s part of what makes it special for me, so I opted for a fun floral surplice dress I’ve had on hand for a while. Though I bought the dress during the spring season, it’s muted color palettes work really well with fall and winter elements. Not to mention, the print is perfect for hiding a food baby! Don’t act like you don’t know.

I chose to layer heavily, mixing a lot of my favorite comfortable styles together for one cozy look. On top of the dress, I layered my favorite denim shirt, followed by a fur vest gifted from my Aunt a couple of years earlier, as well as colored tights, a belt, and the fringe boots that I apparently live in, according to my other posts.

My wonderful friend Jenna, who is a fantastically talented photographer, (view her work here) offered to take these photos for me and she did a great job directing me in a natural way. Thanks Jenna! :)

Dress: Nasty Gal
Denim Shirt: Zara
Vest: Ann Taylor (Gift from my Aunt)
Scarf: H&M
Tights: Target
Belt: Target
Booties: Target
Ring: Zara

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White Christmas…almost.


Christmas Eve has always been fun for my sister and I, because from a fashion point of view we get to dress up. Ok, not get to dress up, choose to dress up. Looking nice for the holidays is fun, and reinforces that it’s a special time of year. Every year we eat dinner, go to church with my parents, and come home to open all the “Non-Santa” gifts. It’s great, we like to sleep in before going to celebrate with the rest of the family on Christmas day, so it is convenient, fun, and something to look forward to that seems to make the celebration of Christmas last longer. Traditionally, every year my family takes photos in front of the Christmas tree, with my sister and I in our carefully selected and pre-planned church outfits. All propriety aside in this family though, we snap a few “good ones” and tend to end up with more hilarious photos than well-behaved ones.

This year, I’ve been especially loving the idea of clean whites in the winter time. Especially in a cold winter time. Though it didn’t snow this year when I was home in Nebraska (bummer), I did get to watch everyone else enjoy a few days of sunshine and warmer-than-average weather. I decided to go with a white dress this year for a couple of Christmas occasions, one being a holiday party with my boyfriend, and the second being Christmas Eve. For both occasions, I paired the dress with bold red lips, red nails, and a red clutch bag. Due to an open bar sort of situation, I have no pictures of the white dress and red accented ensemble from the Christmas party in California, but here is the dress worn for Christmas Eve in Nebraska…only with tights and pumps, because, well, you have to here.

Sidenote: my beautiful little sister makes her RSWL blog debut wearing a festively pretty red lace dress. I think we accidentally coordinated quite nicely.

On Me:
Dress: Nasty Gal
Bracelet: Nasty Gal
Tights: Target
Pumps: Steve Madden

On Erin:
Dress: Tobi
Belt: Target
Sweater: Gap

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