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And so it begins…

Red Sock, White Laundry is the “official unofficial” documentation of where my often-embarrassing daily life has the chance to be eclipsed momentarily by one of my greatest releases: Fashion.

As a Midwest transplant living in the City of Angels, I am submersed (sometimes a little more than I would like) in the real world. For most of us, life is like an off brand of crunchy peanut butter. AKA…not smooth, and there’s a good chance you’ll find it on my shirt somewhere. We all have our outlets in our fast-paced and high-stress lives, and this blog is mine. It’s a chance to document a dose of daily creativity in the form of clothing and style, in the midst of all the reality and sarcasm. After all, I’m just trying to do things right – or at least look good while doing them wrong.


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