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The go-to classic rocker.


Originally Posted 10/12/13.  This weekend my boyfriend and I wound up at a movie last minute when some friends decided not to come out with us. With making this decision about 15 minutes before Don Jon started (which was great by the way), there was no time to ponder outfits and play dress up! Chicks, this is where I highly recommend you have some very quick go-to outfits that are unique and versatile enough for those last minute plans where you don’t really know what the hell is going on. Are we going for drinks after? To a dive bar? To a lounge? That’s where a good old classic rock tee, some skinnies, and a leather jacket can come in handy. Forgive the grainy iPhone pic, we were racing around and snapped this after! When in doubt, use pops of red with any rocker chic looks. The heels I threw on are a staple for me, and you’ll see me wear them often because they are extremely “manageable” heels, yet still simple and sexy. Find your go-to tee from a favorite band (scour the internet for vintage replicas or go all out on eBay), and then find your go-to colors that pair nicely. Thank you, Jim Morrison!

White Skinnies: Zara
The Doors Muscle Tank: Online shop, unknown.
Jacket: Express
Heels: Zara (Similar)
Bag: DSW

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