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Little Leather Valentine.


So apparently I have some sort of all-black approach to “holidays” in 2014 thus far…and I use the term holidays loosely, because…well, is Valentine’s Day really a holiday? In my book, it’s not. If I happen to get a special night out, then great, but if not, no big deal. Too often, we glamorize the behavior on this day that we should consciously display year round for our loved ones, but I will always look for an excuse to dedicate an evening to just the boyfriend and I! It’s not that often we take the time to plan an evening start to finish without other people involved, so that aspect is definitely fun!

To start, we got comfy at home and made an awesome dinner together. After that, we relaxed and let the food settle before changing and heading out for drinks at Firefly in Studio City. We neither one are into the crazy “2-weeks-in-advance-dinner-reservations” thing that happens in LA on Valentine’s Day, nor do we love fighting crowds when we are trying to spend time together on a date, so heading out in the later hours of the evening was perfect for us.

It’s always fun to feel a little fancier and sexier on Valentine’s Day, but truth be told, I had been itching to put this outfit combination together for a while and I would have worn it for any night out! This leather skirt is a smidge too big in the waist, and it actually worked out pretty well once I pumped my tummy full of way too much pineapple fried rice and wine! It’s form fitting, but definitely bodes well that it’s not too skin-tight. A high waisted pencil skirt, leather or not, is something you want to sit comfortably at the waist and hips without digging in. Why, you ask? So you can pair with a fun crop top!! Duh. The longer, and conservative-fitting skirt (especially in leather!) keeps a reallllly sexy vibe while over-compensating for the way the crop top is under-compensating in coverage. This is my absolute favorite crop top I own, and the sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder design were perfect for that “classic” sexy vibe.

I left out the red lips this time, (My boyfriend hates red lipstick – I think all guys do, bummer), and opted for a red suede pump instead to accent with. I didn’t realize until afterward how similar this look is to my NYE look a few weeks back, but oh well! The broken LBD look will never go out of style! Once again, excuse the iPhone snaps (NEED to start remembering the real cam when I head out), and hope everyone had a Happy Love Day as well! Kisses!

Leather Skirt: BB Dakota (size down if possible)
Crop Top: Tobi
Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Aldo, shoulder strap detached for a clutch (similar here and here)
Vintage Statement Earrings

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Stick Straight.


Originally Posted 11/6/13. Believe it or not, this is how my hair looks coming right off the blow-dryer, with zero product or nozzle attachments. There is absolutely no natural body or wave to my hair type whatsoever. Any volume you see has been cleverly faked. My hair is very fine, soft, and tangles like hell. I really only use a straightener for anytime the air outside might be a little more damp: like when it’s rained recently or about to, when I’m home in the Midwest where humidity is just unreal, or when I’m going within a mile of the ocean. Those are times that I bust out my hair straightener to help seal in any frizz that may pop out later and control my ends a bit. But honestly, once those tiny flyaways start flying there’s no controlling them. I try to avoid overloading them with hairspray to keep them down, since a thick coat of hairspray on straight strands is the WORST for movement, so that’s why you’ll see me rock waves more often. It’s much more forgiving when it starts to relax or lose it’s hold.

Today, I felt like donning the “leather and rock” look, with which I felt the straight hair was necessary since the weather was cooperating. It’s effortless, casual, and comfortable. Wearing my favorite super-soft Pink Floyd tank, a biker-chic leather jacket, skinnies in a nice fall hue, and booties, it was an easy selection from my closet this morning. Of course, I topped it off with a spiked necklace, crossbody bag, and some glossy black shades.

Jeans: Zara
Black Tank: Nordstrom
Rock Tank: F21
Leather Jacket: ASOS
Shades: Wasteland
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Anthropologie

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The go-to classic rocker.


Originally Posted 10/12/13.  This weekend my boyfriend and I wound up at a movie last minute when some friends decided not to come out with us. With making this decision about 15 minutes before Don Jon started (which was great by the way), there was no time to ponder outfits and play dress up! Chicks, this is where I highly recommend you have some very quick go-to outfits that are unique and versatile enough for those last minute plans where you don’t really know what the hell is going on. Are we going for drinks after? To a dive bar? To a lounge? That’s where a good old classic rock tee, some skinnies, and a leather jacket can come in handy. Forgive the grainy iPhone pic, we were racing around and snapped this after! When in doubt, use pops of red with any rocker chic looks. The heels I threw on are a staple for me, and you’ll see me wear them often because they are extremely “manageable” heels, yet still simple and sexy. Find your go-to tee from a favorite band (scour the internet for vintage replicas or go all out on eBay), and then find your go-to colors that pair nicely. Thank you, Jim Morrison!

White Skinnies: Zara
The Doors Muscle Tank: Online shop, unknown.
Jacket: Express
Heels: Zara (Similar)
Bag: DSW

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Officially boot weather…I suppose.


Originally Posted 10/10/13. Though I can’t say I love the seasons, I can handle everything but winter. I hate being cold. I’d rather be too hot than cold, hands down, but I do appreciate about a 10 to 20 degree variation. I guess LA was the right spot for me. A brief “cool front” has given us the Southern California “Fall” temperature of 67. Everyone in SoCal knows it’s boot weather when the first day under 70 degrees rolls around! Though I hate to see summer go, it’s nice that in LA it’s a slow transition. We’ve seriously got a good month ahead of us where we can get away with sleeveless shirts and crop tops all day before throwing on a jacket in the evening. Today, I compromised, and as a slight end-of-Summer protest, decided to wear shorts with tall boots and embroidered leather.

Lace Shorts: Sabo Skirt ‘12
Tank: Nordstrom
Sweater: H&M
Quilted Embroidered Leather Jacket: Zara
Boots: Nordstrom circa 2011
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

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