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I am definitely a sucker for a good pair of printed skinnies. These (from Zara), are among my favorite because they are so fun to add a pop of color to. Not only were they super affordable, the black and off-white print is not quite ikat and not quite baroque/brocade like most of the patterns we’ve been seeing so much of this season. Just a touch different, and I appreciate that. On top of all this, they are extremely comfortable, yet still good to throw on with a good heel for a night out almost anywhere. I chose red as my pop of color, in honor of some good friends who are packing up for an adventure and moving to Spain for a few years. These pants are comfortable because of the amount of stretch, which is why I would also recommend sizing down if possible. These guys stretched out so much after the first couple of wears that I can now take them off without unzipping or unbuttoning them. Talented, I know…I threw on my most comfortable pair of trusty red heels, and a small, tasseled bag to match, and had a great time catching up with people before sending them off to Spain. ¡Ole!

Printed Skinnies: Zara
Sweater: 2020ave
Bralette: Nasty Gal
Heels: Zara
Bag: Akira Chicago
Necklaces: 2020ave
Various Rings: Kate Spade, Brandy Melville (here, here, and here)

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Oversized Everything.


Pants real big, sweater real big, top real big, err’thing real big…..Mannie Fresh anyone? Man, I loved 2004…

Anyway. LA has been coldddd the last couple weeks, and I’ve been feeling the need to stay cozy and comfortable as much as possible. I’m definitely channeling my inner Rachel Zoe with this one – wide leg flares, oversized open sweater and loose top. I feel like that’s pretty much all she wears. At least for everyday wear. The only difference is instead of it being a sunny chilly day, we had some rainy chilly days, so I swapped her standard oversized sunglasses for an oversized floppy hat. It was sprinkling on and off in little spurts, but rain and moisture absolutely destroys my hair. Better have a hat or a hair tie handy because I look like a drowned rat when it rains! You know those girls who get rained on and still look hot with the slightly drippy, wet textured hair? Yeah, that’s not me.

Wide Leg Flares: J Brand
Tank: F21
Bralette: Nasty Gal
Cardi: H&M
Hat: 2020ave
Jewelry: Francesca’s, Nasty Gal, 2020ave

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Black, on Black, on Black, on Brown.


Could not have been more stoked to bust out these new sneaks!! Once again, another little oddball gem found at the Urban Outfitters Surplus store. I’m tellin’ ya…a surplus store, outlet, or massive sale of any kind is your time to jump into the deep end with your style. At 90% off, that’s your time to try new things. Fit and construction still matter of course, but as far as snagging something you would never try at full price, there’s no better time to do it.

These hidden wedge sneakers were originally $79.99, but yours truly snagged the last pair in any Los Angeles store, for $6.99. SIX. NINETY. NINE. PEOPLE. That’s just plain ridiculous. And they’re not even sold out online yet. I’d been wanting to give the wedge sneaker trend a go for a while now, I was just keeping a look out for a pair that wasn’t too bulky or chunky, that had some unique detail. This lasercut design was absolutely perfect. Just a touch different from all the wedge sneakers with Velcro and super-puffed design I’ve seen everywhere on the market. I combined them with all black, because I really wanted these babies to stand out as a unique focal point. Like, hellooooo…my face is up here but please look at my feet when you’re talking to me.

Wedge Sneakers: Urban Outfitters Surplus (online here)
Skinnies: H&M
Tee: Zara
Leather Jacket: Asos
Shades: Wasteland

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Embellished-Casual For Turkey Day!


Now that I’m finally out of my food coma, let’s talk about how gorgeous Thanksgiving was last week! I spent the day down in Manhattan Beach with my boyfriend and his family, and spent both the night before and morning of whipping up some desserts and appetizers. I made a couple gluten-free turkey, cranberry, and blue cheese flat breads that people scarfed (I was thrilled)…and not to brag, but my first ever pumpkin pie turned out pretty damn good, considering it was gluten-free and dairy free!

Those of you who know me well know that I have Celiac Disease, and have been on an involuntarily-strict gluten-free diet for the last 7 years or so. For many years I avoided cooking, and just got by having snacks and no-prep food as meals. Fortunately, I’ve evolved and have experimented with cooking and become quite proficient at it, creating interesting things and learning the best substitutes for recipes. Though this will probably never grow into a food blog, I do love the art of cooking and maybe one of the best joys I get is sharing it with others. Especially when it allows people to realize that “gluten-free” truly can taste amazing when the proper effort is put forth!

I chose an outfit that was easy to move around in during the hustle and bustle of my morning, but would embrace the warm temperature without being overdressed or underdressed. Holidays are special, and we should always look nice, but when you’re with family and friends it’s still important to be comfortable. This outfit did the trick, and I chose to pair a simple tee, loose-fit denim shirt, and flats with what would normally be a very dressy skirt. It was just the right amount of holiday glam while being extremely comfortable, and most importantly, ready to chow! It was an awesome day with wonderful people, who I am very thankful have let me into their life as family when I am far away from my own. :)

Skirt: Express
Denim Shirt: Zara (Similar)
Tee: F21
Flats: Steve Madden
Bracelet: Nasty Gal
Necklace: 2020ave (similar)
Ring: Kate Spade

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Floral, Fringe & fishnet.


I was feeling in the mood to go a little boho-cozy today. I like mixing textures, but was feeling somewhat neutral, so I threw on my taupe fringe booties, gray skinnies, a gray open-knit sweater, and my trusty hippie headwrap. I am in love with this little headwrap because it’s perfect for days when my flyaways are acting up. Today, my hair just felt unmanageable and all over the place, so on it went, keeping everything in place, without being pulled back. I opted for jewelry with a little more of a vintage “used” feel than my standard modern-and-delicate geometric pieces I usually layer all over the place. It was cozy and comfortable, until I tripped outside Starbucks and my latte slammed into the ground. That was fun coming back inside and reordering the exact same drink, from the exact same barista, in what most guys would find a very distinct outfit, with my weird little head thing and all. Soooo chic…

But speaking of guys and the weird things that girls wear… let me toot my boyfriend’s horn for a second: one of the things I love about him most is he is very receptive to fashion and trends. He has simple, masculine style but still with an interest in branching out and trying new things. He likes to look good, even if it’s a simple tee, and I love that. And the best part, all the weird combinations of things I wear and interesting trends I come home with he actually likes…including my little hippie headwrap and array of printed pants. The true test will be when I come home with a dropcrotch pant. I’ll report back on whether I’m single or not after that happens. I like fashion risks occasionally, and so far there hasn’t been much I’ve come home with where he makes that classic male “what the hell is that on your body” expression. What a keeper. :)

Headwrap: Urban Outfitters
Sweater: Nasty Gal
Tank: F21
Jeans: H&M
Booties: Target
Necklaces: Stella Boutique (Lincoln, NE)

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