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Snow Envy…


With all of this snowstorm action happening on the East coast, it’s hard not be a little jealous of the beautiful, clean, white, snowfall – inconvenient or not. Throwing this post back to a month ago, we had the privilege of getting one full actual day of snow this year when we were back in Nebraska, and it had been at least a couple years since I actually saw a Midwest winter be pretty in my time visiting home. I was stoked, and I know I get to wake up most mornings of the year not having to worry about being too insanely cold, how I’m going to get to work, or having to scrape my car (DEFINITELY don’t miss that), but I do actually really miss just having a good, cold, snow day. A reason to bundle up on the couch by the window in your PJs drinking tea or hot coffee, and a reason to throw all your plans and to-do lists out the window for the day. As “lucky” as southern-californians are, that is not EVER something we get the privilege of enjoying.

It only snowed the last couple of days I was home this year, but I always plan ahead in case since Nebraska weather can be pretty unpredictable. I didn’t bundle up to the full degree, since we weren’t outside much of the day when it snowed, but since we flew out that evening to head back to LA this outfit was appropriate. Warm and cozy to handle a short amount of time in this snowy weather, but light and layered enough to transition to California weather.

The jacket is my all-time favorite ribbed leather jacket from Zara, given to me by my boyfriend as a birthday gift. The zip skinnies are made of the absolute softest stretch denim material, and are SO comfortable for flying (seriously, I’d sleep in them), and the scarf was also a gift, this time from my sister. Top it all off with a cozy beanie from Target’s winter collection, and the layering was perfect for transitioning from a daytime of snow to a cool LA evening.

Zip Skinnies: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Slouchy Tee: Zara (similar here)
Boots: London Rebel (similar here, here, and more affordable here)
Scarf: Gifted from my sister, similar here
Hat: Target (on clearance now!)

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I’ve always been a fan of slightly unexpected color combinations, and for some reason when I bought this super basic open back tank from Zara, I knew I wanted to contrast it with something different. It’s so easy to pair neon with neon, or balance it with metallic, but lately I’ve been loving the look of dull neutrals with brights (I sported this concept previously here), or pastels with brights. In this case, I incorporated both, and went one further with a tiny splash of modern leopard print in my shoes…so as not to keep everything too basic.

It was a hot day, and involved running back and forth between two studio lot campuses, being both inside and outside, so layering with the vest was essential. It gets pretty cold inside our buildings, and as we ALL know, this summer/fall has been brutal outdoors as well.

One of my favorite pieces to pair with bright colors is my utility vest, this one being from H&M. It’s pretty much a staple in my wardrobe, and I wear it over everything. Neutrals, brights, ikats, florals, polka dots, crotchet, long sleeves, short sleeves…you name it. The bright lime of this open back top needed a bralette for sure, so I tossed on my trusty black longline bustier from ASOS. I’m extremely lucky to work in an industry where I can literally wear almost anything I want to work! I added the lilac sunglasses to offset the lime, partly because my nails already happened to be painted my most favorite shade for these past few months (Essie in “Playdate”). Then I tossed on my standard layered necklaces, kept my hair product free (hey…it was a work day), and threw on the flats for some added comfort to all of the running around. I ended up really liking the subtle, yet eclectic mix of elements.

Vest: H&M
Pants: H&M
Top: Zara, similar
Shades: F21, similar
Shoes: Jessica Simpson (similar here and here)
Necklaces: 2020ave, Baublebar

Nails: Essie “Playdate”

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Black Magic Woman…


California is hardly moving into fall any time soon, but it’s nice to own pieces such as this dress that can benefit from layers and accessories added, giving it an immediate spot in an overly-hot-fall clothing rotation. This dress is one of my all time favorites, and it’s extremely comfortable. It pairs well with hats, scarves, jackets, vests, heels, and sandals, making it extremely versatile. The little cutout shows just the right amount of skin without being too much for everyday wear. I wear this dress casually, and I also dress it up a bit on occasion, and judging by my last post (you know, like 2 months ago) I obviously love pieces that are flexible and transitional from day to night when working in the fast-paced production industry.

I live in Culver City and work in Glendale, which is like EIGHTEEN MILES apart. **Gasp**, what a tragedy! Well, I’m right there eye-rolling with you, but that can feel like an eternity in LA when it usually requires taking 4 freeways to work. I have Midwest friends who regularly commute from Lincoln to Omaha for work (60 miles or so) and probably make it to work faster than I do, which is why a metro commute, in my opinion, is a good thing. It has actually taught me the artful skill of PLANNING MY DAY. I plan ahead on what I wear, what I bring with me, when I can stop at the gym and when I can run my errands. When I lived in the Midwest this was not a functioning part of my brain, ask anyone who knew me, mainly because it didn’t have to be. I always had time to go home and change, or stop and run random errands without thinking about it, so having a few outfits on hand that are functional, transitional, and COMFORTABLE are absolutely key.

I stepped into the pre-fall vibe a bit by adding this hat, but not much more accessorizing than that was doable on a 100 degree day in Glendale. I’m equally obsessed with this dress and hat for fall, so get ready to see them paired with pretty much everything in the coming weeks!

Dress: Tobi
Sandals: DSW
Hat: Nasty Gal, (similar here and here)
Necklace: 2020ave (similar here)
Bracelet: Nasty Gal (Similar here, here and here)

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IMG_9021IMG_9025IMG_9027This has got to be hands down one of the best purchases I have ever made at F21. This dress was suuuuper affordable, and I get compliments on it constantly, which I attribute to the print not looking like a cheap floral, as well as the cut. I just took quick snaps, so forgive me on the lack of detail here, but this dress is a high-neck cut that ties in the back above a V-cut, and has a little bit of a cut out in the front. The length is perfect for me, and the gathered waist is flattering. I typically wear this with minimal jewelry, maybe just a bangle or two to offset.

I feel like my arms are an area of my body I could improve on. We all know I have long monkey arms, you should see the monkey photos my sister loves to tag me in (ugh), but they’re not overly toned. Definitely room for improvement, but I feel like a high-neck dress or top is always a flattering choice, whether you’ve got great noodles going on or not. It draws attention upward, leaving just the right amount of skin showing to accentuate your arms and shoulders, and works whether you’ve got a big set of twins or small. This dress is appropriate for all occasions and I actually would say I wear it way more casually than I do in dressy situations. It’s just the right amount of easy-breezy middle ground for summer, paired with flat sandals it becomes a really great option for day-to-night transition without feeling underdressed or obligated to wear heels. Easily the best $16 I have ever spent at F21. Well done.

Dress: F21, (sold out, similar cuts here and here)
Sandals: DSW
Bag: Aldo (Similar here and here)
Bangle: Nasty Gal


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Warm Winter.


The past couple days I’ve been embracing the fact that it’s mid-december and we’ve been nearing the 80s. I know, everyone at home in the Midwest wants to smack me right now. One of my favorite simple summer outfits, which transitioned nicely into a fall dress this year, was something I was itching to wear again. It’s a loose-fitted low-back summer dress from Brandy Melville, but the muted greens and taupes in the print work really nicely for fall as well. By itself, this dress is super light and airy, but I’ve put many things over it to give it more of a fall boost – fur vests, utility jackets, oversized fuzzy cardigans, sweater vests, and circle scarfs. The possibilities with this dress are endless. This time, I opted for shorter boots to honor the nice weather (the more bare leg the better!), and my favorite black leather jacket, which I really didn’t even need until about 6:00. It’s always awesome to get more use out of extremely summery pieces, since living in Southern California, that’s pretty much what dominates my wardrobe.

Dress: Brandy Melville “Jada” Dress, (other colors here)
Cage-back Bralette: Brandy Melville “Chiyo” bra
Booties: Target
Jacket: Asos
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Rings: Zara

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