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3.1 Phillip Lim x Target….Finally.


Originally Posted 11/14/13. Just when you think the cooler weather is here to stay, LA will swoop in with a heat wave, blasting us with 90 degrees of sunshine when it’s almost the holidays. A week or two ago this was the case, and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to bust out an outfit I had been saving…my high-waisted 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target printed skirt, which I knew from the start I wanted to pair with a simple crop top. We did a dinner double date in Downtown LA, followed by a friend’s work-loft open house. It was a great time to get my first use out of the only piece I got my hands on from the highly coveted collection that hit stores in September.

Excuse any grain or blur, I was only able to get a couple snaps in right before dark, but the palette of golden-mustard and royal-navy was absolutely perfect for a warm fall evening. I brought along a navy and white striped longline cardigan (not pictured) for when it cooled down, which mixed nicely with the leopard for an interesting visual contrast. With two bold patterns happening at once, I kept my heel choice simple and neutral. The combination couldn’t have been better for Saturday night cocktails in Downtown LA with a view of the city from a sweet industrial loft.

Skirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target (Sold out in stores, via eBay only)
Belt: Target
Crop Top: Tobi
Heels: True Religion
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bangles: Nasty Gal

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Shorts in November.


Originally Posted 11/10/13. As I mentioned in another post, I am always resistant to colder weather, despite my love for jackets, boots, and layers. I will always prefer warmer weather, so any time the temperature rises, I will get right out of “winter mode.” This past week my family visited and we had a really great time in Santa Monica, Malibu, and Manhattan Beach. I was beyond thrilled that the temperature got up into the low 80s during the day, because I love bragging to them about our weather in Los Angeles! ;) Ok, so not really that, but mostly because in Nebraska it has been getting much colder than LA ever gets for well over a month now. I really wanted them to be able to relax in sunny Los Angeles and enjoy one last round of short sleeves, cropped pants, and open-toed shoes. And let me tell ya, they loved every second of it.

Our activities included shopping the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, wine tasting in Malibu, and even touring The Getty Center, so my outfits stayed pretty casual all weekend. I fully took advantage of the shorts weather though, and even threw on sandals for all the walking about. Then, just tossed on cozy flannel for an extra layer for when it got dark and I was set.

Sandals: Wanted, via Piperlime
Lace Shorts: Sabo Skirt
Tee: F21
Flannel: Target
Necklaces & Bracelets: Nasty Gal, 2020ave

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Modern Hippie.


Originally Posted 10/23/13. It’s finally almost starting to look a bit like Fall in certain areas of LA. Beverly Hills has leaves turning, so it inspired me to get colorful. I absolutely love pairing unexpected prints and textures together. Sometimes, you don’t really need anything new in your closet like you think you do, you just need to get creative. I am no stranger to color in my wardrobe, and I always encourage people to give up their safety net of neutrals and solids when shopping. Branch out. Buy something you would normally pass over. For some of you this might be a big step, so maybe start lower-priced. Like Tobi.com or Forever 21. Mixing color uniquely really doesn’t take as much talent as people think it does, and you’ll know by looking at it if it works or not. This year, the jade and emerald green shades were everywhere, almost so much that they became a neutral for me in my wardrobe. For this 60s inspired outfit today, I pulled out the wide leg flares, a fur vest, and lots of color. Can’t go wrong with florals and fur! If Jane Birkin and Janis Joplin could do it, so can we.

Blouse: Zara
Vest: H&M
Wide Leg Flares: J Brand
Belt: Target
Bag: Warehouse, via ASOS
Necklaces: Francesca’s

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Pumpkins and Palm Trees.


Final Results: A Texas Longhorn, Dia De Los Muertos, Minion (Despicable Me), and Heisenberg (Breaking Bad)


And of course, the Minion was mine :)

Originally Posted 10/19/13. Believe it or not, though I absolutely love Halloween, this is my first year carving pumpkins since I was a kid. Thankfully, there are several “pop-up pumpkin patches” scattered around LA this time of year. We found ourselves enjoying warmer daytime weather at Mr. Bones’ Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood before throwing on warmer clothes for the evening. Just a couple iPhone snaps before heading to our carving party. Though I miss home in the Midwest, I can’t help but love the somewhat foreign concept to me of palm trees mixed with Fall elements.

Embroidered Dress: F21
Tank Dress: Alice + Olivia
Boots: Target
Belt: Target
Sunnies: Free People
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

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Officially boot weather…I suppose.


Originally Posted 10/10/13. Though I can’t say I love the seasons, I can handle everything but winter. I hate being cold. I’d rather be too hot than cold, hands down, but I do appreciate about a 10 to 20 degree variation. I guess LA was the right spot for me. A brief “cool front” has given us the Southern California “Fall” temperature of 67. Everyone in SoCal knows it’s boot weather when the first day under 70 degrees rolls around! Though I hate to see summer go, it’s nice that in LA it’s a slow transition. We’ve seriously got a good month ahead of us where we can get away with sleeveless shirts and crop tops all day before throwing on a jacket in the evening. Today, I compromised, and as a slight end-of-Summer protest, decided to wear shorts with tall boots and embroidered leather.

Lace Shorts: Sabo Skirt ‘12
Tank: Nordstrom
Sweater: H&M
Quilted Embroidered Leather Jacket: Zara
Boots: Nordstrom circa 2011
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

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