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Dark Gypsy-Like.


Am I the only one who most of the time finds pants somewhat uncomfortable? I mean, I know I usually wear ‘em pretty tight, but even my softest, stretchiest, and most comfortable pairs don’t compare to a good jersey maxi skirt. I’ll be honest, for as much as I like getting dressed in the morning, I equally like getting undressed when I’m home for the day. I think maybe I just have this weird thing about needing to change clothes. I’m perfectly comfortable in most of what I wear, but I will take the first opportunity I get to put on sweats or yoga pants the second I get home if I’m done for the night!

Well, the exception to this little habit may just be this skirt. It’s awesome, made of the softest jersey, and it’s literally like wearing PJs. Being that it’s nice and high-waisted, means I can toss on a loose and sheer crop top without over doing it on the “skin” factor in relation to that side slit with the skirt. Throw on some fun accessories, and it makes for a nice all-black gypsy look with a touch of comfort.

Skirt: Brandy Melville (Similar)
Top: Nordstrom
Sandals: Wanted
Earrings: ASOS
Necklace: 2020ave
Bangle: Nasty Gal

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Warm Winter.


The past couple days I’ve been embracing the fact that it’s mid-december and we’ve been nearing the 80s. I know, everyone at home in the Midwest wants to smack me right now. One of my favorite simple summer outfits, which transitioned nicely into a fall dress this year, was something I was itching to wear again. It’s a loose-fitted low-back summer dress from Brandy Melville, but the muted greens and taupes in the print work really nicely for fall as well. By itself, this dress is super light and airy, but I’ve put many things over it to give it more of a fall boost – fur vests, utility jackets, oversized fuzzy cardigans, sweater vests, and circle scarfs. The possibilities with this dress are endless. This time, I opted for shorter boots to honor the nice weather (the more bare leg the better!), and my favorite black leather jacket, which I really didn’t even need until about 6:00. It’s always awesome to get more use out of extremely summery pieces, since living in Southern California, that’s pretty much what dominates my wardrobe.

Dress: Brandy Melville “Jada” Dress, (other colors here)
Cage-back Bralette: Brandy Melville “Chiyo” bra
Booties: Target
Jacket: Asos
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Rings: Zara

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