Purple Palazzo Pants.


Three belts are better than one….

That’s right. I am wearing three belts. THREE. Giving Joey a run for his money. (If anyone else gets that FRIENDS reference you are truly my hero.) Basically, I’m not huge into wide belts, and I’m very picky about the ones I do purchase, haven fallen victim to the oversized waist-belt trend of 2008. I now cringe when I look back at those photos. I looked like a cartoon. But sometimes it can be done well, and all depends on the design and quality of the belt, and what you’re pairing it with. In this case…I couldn’t find one I was absolutely in love with to break up the super high waist of these pants and still be wearable with other outfits I had in my closet, so I opted for some visual interest using three smaller belts I already had. These pants need something thicker, because they are a LOT of fabric, and a very large block of color on the body. Just one little belt seemed to get lost. So, strength in numbers, apparently!! Two of these belts are the same (thanks to losing one, repurchasing, and then finding the first one again), but that worked well in my favor for this stacking effect. You could do this with a combination of any belts and think the result is far more interesting and customizeable than just opting for one big chunky belt. Line up the buckles, tuck the leftovers, and you’re set!! I’ve never been one for rules, and three belts are definitely better than one, achieving the exact amount of texture and variation I was going for here at my waistline. :)

Moving on to these pants. Another item from my “top steals of all time” list, these were  originally $250 Palazzo Pants from BCBG Max Azria, which I scored for a bank-breaking $5. Yep…God Bless a sample sale! I was fortunate enough to have a friend (Shout-out to Shannon in Spain!) talk me into getting up early on a Saturday morning last year to take me to my first ever sample sale. Normally, nothing can wake me up at 6am on a weekend, shopping included. Black Friday?!? Hell no. That’s ridiculous. I loved it in my younger years, getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to camp out, fight crowds, and score stuff for more than 50% off, mainly because I had nothing better to do. But these days, I need my sleep and my sanity, and usually that sort of animosity at such an early morning hour is just not worth the discount to me. And hello…have you all heard of a little thing called Cyber Monday?? That’s right, all the fun of Black Friday from the comfort of your own home while wearing old PJs with unkempt hair and sans shower. Sounds like a pretty easy decision to me! Anyway, this particular Saturday I was feeling quite rested from an easy week and I said what the heck. Why not…

This was probably one of the best sample sales I’d heard of. BCBG is notorious for their extra thrifty pricing, and I walked out of there with about $1500-1800 retail worth of stuff, all for around about 10% or less of that cost. I paid about $160 for a nice little haul that included my first ever pair of palazzo wide-legs, and I was hooked.

These are just now making the blog debut, but have been in my closet for over a year. We’ve seen a HUGE surge in the popularity of wide-leg pants this past year, and especially this spring, with colorful floral and printed versions making their way to nearly every shelf. These happen to be EXTREMELY wide, like a true palazzo pant, to where you can barely tell they are pants. If you are on the fence about the palazzo or wide-leg trend, I would say just hop on over and do it. This is a flattering look for just about anyone, I just recommend opting for a high-waisted pair, and making sure the inseam is long enough to just barely dust the floor for that truly elongated look. The last thing you want is a wide-leg pant that is too short, or shows too much ankle, because you’re not doing yourself any favors by adding width and shortening up on length.

I couldn’t pass these up. They had pockets, were the most gorgeous shade of eggplant purple, made of amazing fabric, and were very long with a high waist. Oh and the $5 price tag on a $250 item was pretty much bananas too. I myself was on the fence with this style, but for $5 I will try ANYTHING. Officially hooked, I’ve acquired a couple other pairs in both solids and prints since that should be making their way to the blog soon.

BONUS: Aside from just being comfortable with pretty details, this outfit is super classy and lady-like, which makes it a fantastic interview outfit or office attire in a more corporate work environment if that happens to be your gig. #WIN

Pants: BCBG Max Azria (Similar here (sale!! Not quite as wide), in black here, and in gorgeous red here, great price!!!)
Top: Nasty Gal, (similar here)
Belts: Target, H&M
Bag: Aldo (similar, DVF)
Bracelet: Nasty Gal

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2 thoughts on “Purple Palazzo Pants.

  1. tifitz says:

    No you are my hero for making that reference :P beautiful outfit

  2. pinsplace says:

    Reference acknoweledged :-) Love the whole look but especially the belts, it is something fun and unique but still trend appropriate!


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