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Easter Look.


After yet another week of slacking on the blog, here’s an Easter flashback to last weekend where I spent a beautiful day down in Manhattan Beach with my boyfriend and his family. We went to sunrise Easter service on the beach at 6:30am (!!!!!), napped of course, had an adult Easter egg hunt which turned out pretty awesome, and ate too much as usual. Fun times.

I’ve posted before on how I like to dress a touch above casual for holidays, since I think they are special days of the year, so for this fun day of beautiful spring weather I chose this loose and breezy, retro-print dress. It was really too warm for the fur vest, but I tossed it on for one shot anyway. You all know my take on being casual and comfortable when having holiday lunches with the family, so this dress’s loose and comfortable fit was perfect for the food and activities of the day. Paired with comfortable booties for the boho vibe, it was a fun and manageable outfit perfect for spring! :)


Dress: F21
Boots: Target
Vest: H&M
Necklace: 2020ave (similar)

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Birds and Da Beads.


I’ve really been lagging on the blog this week. So many false promises here and there…did you people really think I was gonna get a whole weekend’s worth of posts up last weekend? Please. I was too busy spilling on everything I wore to stay classy enough for the camera. Quick update: made a little trip to Castle Park in Sherman Oaks with the boyfriend over the weekend to play some mini golf. We made it to the first hole of 18, where you hit the ball into a tube and it rolls downstairs to another patch of green below. All fine and dandy, 2 quick puts and that was that, not bad. The problem was of course, the stairs. I made it halfway down the stairs safely before tripping, feet somehow slipping out from under me, butt to concrete, and not only spilling my mango smoothie all over myself, but crushing the dropped plastic cup beneath me as well. All in front of families of 5 year olds waiting behind us, who all managed to take the stairs with more grace than I. Story of my life. 

However, moving on from my trauma, and the right half of my body that was sore for a few days after….here’s another stay-cool outfit in honor of Coachella part deux this weekend. Beaded slouchy tee, neoprene skater skirt, and the infamous fringe booties glued to my feet once again.

Boots: Target (on clearance now guys!)
Skirt: F21 (similar)
Tee: Zara (last spring)
Bag: DSW (other colors here)
Shades: Wasteland (similar)
Necklaces & Stacked Rings: Urban Outfitters (similar rings here and here)

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In honor of the awesome weather this past week and the start of the first weekend of Coachella today, I will be bringing you some Coachella inspired outfits across this weekend and next! Maybe this is how I make up for not being cool enough to actually go to Coachella this year. But what do you expect when the artist line up continually kicks the previous year’s lineups ass, and where tickets to both weekends of the ginormous coveted music festival sell out within minutes of going on sale. Next year, baby, next year…(something I’ve said for the past 3 years.)

Regardless, for chicks, we all know and love Coachella as not just a music festival, but the best of the best in summer fashion. Coachella is like New York Fashion Week for hipsters and boho beach babes. Gypsy dresses, crotchet this, crotchet that, floppy hats, fringe, flower crowns, ankle boots, lace, and denim. Lots and lots of denim. Maybe it’s cliché to take such styling approaches for this event, but one thing remains certain. It’s hot as hell in the middle of the desert in Indio, California. Always. Staying cool and comfortable is a top priority, and with the weather in LA this week being similar to that of a desert heatwave, I leave you with my first Coachella-inspired outfit of the weekend!

My trusty denim cutoffs (cut longer in the back so you’re not showing too much booty), a floral bustier crop top with a crotchet dolman sleeve top layered on top. Fringe booties that are comfortable enough to be walking in all day, but provide some height to make my long legs even longer in those cutoffs, topped of with a pair of my favorite retro cat-eye sunglasses. This outfit is great, because the floral crop top beneath the crotchet functions well as a top when combined with my high waisted shorts, should I feel the need to lose a layer. Excuse me while I blast some Broken Bells, Girl Talk, Chromeo and Aloe Blacc in honor of some of my favorites in today’s Day 1 lineup.


Shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar)
Floral Crop Top: Minkpink (similar style)
Crotchet Dolman Top: Zara (last season, similar more “batwing” style here)
Boots: Target (still available, on sale here!)
Sunnies: Asos

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