Neon Nikes.


I wouldn’t exactly call myself “athletic.” Any success I’ve had athletically throughout my youth (I was a swimmer) can be attributed to a tremendous amount of work. I go to the gym, work out at home, and eat very healthy. In fact, that’s the only part I love…eating healthy. Hell, I just love eating in general. Now I’m thinking about what I’m going to make for dinner tonight, and those damn dark chocolate-covered “Power berries” that always seem to sneak their way into my cart at Trader Joe’s….who put those there?! Crap. Sidetracked. 

But when it comes to working out I do really have to force myself to do it. Never in my life though, have I gotten any sort of workout “high.” These people who go for run because they’re pissed off and come back glowing of sweat and happiness baffle me. When I go running, I come back more annoyed than when I left! And if my Spotify cuts out at the gym because my phone loses service you can pretty much count my workout as over. No music, no workout. Ok, so I’m maybe not quite THAT bad. Let’s face it, if you drive anywhere in LA and fight a crowd, you’re gonna damn well finish what you came for at least.

Regardless, after a little lull in my fitness routine, I’m actually starting to dive into it again regularly, so we’ve been seeing a lot more of the infamous neon coral Nikes! Don’t be fooled, these are heavily used. I’m about due for some new ones, as this style is long gone by a good 2 years almost. But these suckers are hard to take off. It’s like heaven for your feet. While this is supposed to be a gym shoe, I can’t help but take a break from my usual footwear to toss these on for a busy or an active day. And hell, sometimes already having them on helps encourage me to get to the gym on the way home. ;)

I love the idea of incorporating a trendy workout shoe into an everyday outfit. The trick to this is you can’t just use any athletic shoe! Color matters, and the shoe needs to be the focal point of the outfit or else it’s just an everyday outfit with an awkward footwear choice. For this, I kept everything else neutral and offsetting, such as the olive green of my vest. The last color you’d expect to go with Neon coral, which is why I chose it, duh! And the neon coral bralette I’m wearing peeks out just enough from time to time to pull it all together.


Shoes: Nike Free Run 3 (the new version)
Skinnies: H&M
Tee: Zara
Vest: H&M
Bralette: Amazon (similar)
Beanie: H&M

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2 thoughts on “Neon Nikes.

  1. You look great!
    Your bright Nikes are so pretty.

    • Renee says:

      Thanks so much! I’m really loving the posts on your blog as well! You do a great job with your styling and your photos! :)

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