Boyfriend Fit.

Nothing hides the fact that you’ve been slacking on your workouts better than boyfriend jeans and a Free People sweater! Let’s be real here. The last couple weeks I’ve felt like crap. Not sure why. I’m typically a very healthy eater, and it’s not so much that’ I’ve been eating like crap I guess, as it is me not strategizing what I eat, with when. Meaning, I probably don’t need to be eating pasta on days I haven’t worked out. That shizzz adds up, and I need to go back to my general rule being “if you didn’t earn it, don’t eat it.” I’m sure a lot of this sluggish feeling from my diet is in my head, or just a hormonal rut. Being gluten-free, I eat quite a bit of produce and natural food, lean proteins only usually (egg whites, chicken, shrimp, salmon), and you pretty much never see me with fast food. Chipotle is an occasional exception, though don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all calling that “healthy.” It might be time to hit Trader Joe’s though, and go on a portion-controlled veggie binge, balanced with lean proteins of course.

Regardless of what’s has been happening with my food habits and energy levels, I’ve been tossing on these boyfriend jeans a lot lately. With their already-loose cut, and the fact that I went up a size when I bought them to ensure the baggier effect, they’re working for me at the moment! Add in the loose sweater from Free People, and I call this look “homeless chic.” Chic, because when you’re totally slopping out on top, throw on a pair of ankle cuff heels and all becomes right with the world again! Free People makes some of my favorite sweaters, and this open-knit, flowy cut is perfect for a day when it’s a little warmer but not tank top weather. As women, we all have our “fat days” no matter what our size. Whether it’s your period, or you’ve been lagging on the gym, or that hole-in-the-wall Mexican taco stand that found you….or a combination of all three…it’s good to have some less-fitted options on hand when you’re not feeling like yourself. Even though you’re probably the only one who notices. But if anyone needs me, I’ll be on the treadmill because at some point I’m gonna have to stop wearing these pants.

Boyfriend Jeans: Cotton On
Sweater: Free People (similar)
Necklace: Free People
Heels: Zara (similar here and here)

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One thought on “Boyfriend Fit.

  1. pinsplace says:

    Love this whole look and your sense of style!

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