Game Day!

USA! USA! USA! So, some of my closest friends from back home founded The American Outlaws, which is a US Soccer fan club, traveling all over the United States for games, networking, and tailgating to show their love for the sport. I am pretty stoked whenever the US Men’s National Team plays a game in LA, because it typically means they fly out from the Midwest and I get to hang with them and cheer on some soccer! I’ve grown to love the sport, and there are literally NO fans like soccer fans. The thing to know about soccer, since it’s not one of the top sports in the US for spectators, the people who go to these games are die-hard soccer fans. You are partying with the best of the best when you tailgate with the American Outlaws. And though I love all kinds of sports events, soccer will always hold a top place in my heart. These guys will take an indifferent spectator and make them a huge fan. And it’s magical to watch! Such an awesome day with best friends! I’m very blessed to have such a great group! :)

I’ve been wanting to do a game day type post for while, but I don’t really get to that many sports events these days so it hasn’t come up. This is the perfect opportunity to show how to dress stylishly, comfortably, and sport-friendly all in one. Sports events are out of our daily element for most people, so you have to put a little more thought into getting dressed. One half of the stadium will almost always be scorching hot in the sun, and when you become shaded, you get cold immediately, so layers are essential. At soccer games, it’s not uncommon to be showered with beer by overly excited fans, so my coated skinnies were perfect – the liquids rolled right off! I chose this bleached flannel for a more subtle take on the red white and blue colors, and the muscle tank beneath was crafted by yours truly in under 2 hours total the morning of the game. Tutorial on DIY game tees and tanks coming soon! We all know how hard it can be to find the right merch for your team, sporting both proper fit and style for a woman, so I typically get crafty and make my own with whatever top is in that season. Earlier last fall I made a cool swing crop top with one of the retro Husker football logos on it to pair with high-waisted cutoffs, but more on the technical details of sports team shirt-making coming soon!

Coated Skinnies: Cotton On (sold out online, still available in stores)
Logo Muscle Tank: DIY (tutorial coming soon)
Flannel: Urban Outfitters (similar, from Saks)
Shoes: Converse
Soccer Scarf: American Outlaws Official Merchandise Store

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