Black, on Black, on Black, on Brown.


Could not have been more stoked to bust out these new sneaks!! Once again, another little oddball gem found at the Urban Outfitters Surplus store. I’m tellin’ ya…a surplus store, outlet, or massive sale of any kind is your time to jump into the deep end with your style. At 90% off, that’s your time to try new things. Fit and construction still matter of course, but as far as snagging something you would never try at full price, there’s no better time to do it.

These hidden wedge sneakers were originally $79.99, but yours truly snagged the last pair in any Los Angeles store, for $6.99. SIX. NINETY. NINE. PEOPLE. That’s just plain ridiculous. And they’re not even sold out online yet. I’d been wanting to give the wedge sneaker trend a go for a while now, I was just keeping a look out for a pair that wasn’t too bulky or chunky, that had some unique detail. This lasercut design was absolutely perfect. Just a touch different from all the wedge sneakers with Velcro and super-puffed design I’ve seen everywhere on the market. I combined them with all black, because I really wanted these babies to stand out as a unique focal point. Like, hellooooo…my face is up here but please look at my feet when you’re talking to me.

Wedge Sneakers: Urban Outfitters Surplus (online here)
Skinnies: H&M
Tee: Zara
Leather Jacket: Asos
Shades: Wasteland

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