Stick Straight.


Originally Posted 11/6/13. Believe it or not, this is how my hair looks coming right off the blow-dryer, with zero product or nozzle attachments. There is absolutely no natural body or wave to my hair type whatsoever. Any volume you see has been cleverly faked. My hair is very fine, soft, and tangles like hell. I really only use a straightener for anytime the air outside might be a little more damp: like when it’s rained recently or about to, when I’m home in the Midwest where humidity is just unreal, or when I’m going within a mile of the ocean. Those are times that I bust out my hair straightener to help seal in any frizz that may pop out later and control my ends a bit. But honestly, once those tiny flyaways start flying there’s no controlling them. I try to avoid overloading them with hairspray to keep them down, since a thick coat of hairspray on straight strands is the WORST for movement, so that’s why you’ll see me rock waves more often. It’s much more forgiving when it starts to relax or lose it’s hold.

Today, I felt like donning the “leather and rock” look, with which I felt the straight hair was necessary since the weather was cooperating. It’s effortless, casual, and comfortable. Wearing my favorite super-soft Pink Floyd tank, a biker-chic leather jacket, skinnies in a nice fall hue, and booties, it was an easy selection from my closet this morning. Of course, I topped it off with a spiked necklace, crossbody bag, and some glossy black shades.

Jeans: Zara
Black Tank: Nordstrom
Rock Tank: F21
Leather Jacket: ASOS
Shades: Wasteland
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Anthropologie

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